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Looking to get back into the office? There’s no better way to resume your office working than with a brand-new batch of office furniture. Rakkaus supply businesses both large & small with high-quality office furniture. From individual office chairs to large office desks, Rakkaus offer a wide range of office furniture available at competitive prices. Let Rakkaus take the hassle out of the furniture supply for your business.

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As office furniture suppliers, Rakkaus Furniture provides businesses of all sizes with high-quality, durable office furniture – providing them with the equipment they need for productive working, client meetings, workspace solutions, and colleague collaboration. Our team works closely with you to find out what style & types of furniture would work best for your business, creating a strong business/customer relationship to ensure complete satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction is the core of our business. Through face-to-face meetings, virtual calls, and email communication, we keep in close contact to ensure that you’re happy from start to finish.

We know that brand-new furniture can really add a completely new lease of life to any working space. The team at Rakkaus is passionate about rejuvenating office environments to maximize productivity. There have been multiple studies that have shown how fresh workspaces that are visually pleasing can make employees happier and more engaged at work. In addition to this, employees are more likely to take pride in their work and pay attention to detail.


Source and Procure

It all starts with a face-to-face meeting. In-person, or virtually, we take the time to get an initial understanding of what kind of office furniture that you're looking for. Then, we supply chain connections to source the furniture and other supplies we'll need to bring your office space to life!

Space Planning

We understand that offices come in all shapes and sizes. Space planning ensures that we're using appropriately sized furniture that brings your office to its full potential. We measure every part of your office, resulting in a simple 2D plan showing you how ideally we'd like to place new furniture and other assets to maximize potential.


It's time to get to work. After we've supplied the office furniture, and planned out ideal furniture placements, we install all assets at a time that suits you. This involves the efficient building of all newly supplied furniture and other interior elements. All old pieces of furniture are removed & taken away for recycling, leaving you with no mess & no fuss.


Even after we've supplied your office furniture, we are on hand to answer any questions or provide assistance. Our friendly, hands-on team will continue to keep in touch with you after your furniture supply to build a long-lasting working relationship. We put time aside to contact you & check all is working well after your fit-out is finished.

Office Furniture Supply - FAQs

What are office furniture essentials?

Whether you’re outfitting a new office or revamping your current office space, there are some furniture essentials that every office needs.

Desks are the centerpiece of any office, and provide a great space to set up computers, have client meetings, and more. Desks come in all shapes and sizes, so can be tailored to fit your office space.

Along with desks, chairs are also vital. What’s most important when it comes to office chairs is comfort. If your office chairs are uncomfortable, this can heavily affect employee productivity. Just like desks, chairs come in a variety of styles & sizes, so you can pick and choose the best office chairs to suit you and your budget.

Shelving is great for storing books, binders, and other office supplies. It can also be used to display photographs or other decorations to personalize your space.

Lastly, a trash can may not seem like an essential piece of office furniture, but it’s important to have one to keep your space tidy. Choose a size and style that works for your office.

Why is furniture important in an office?

There are a number of reasons why having high quality office furniture is very important in any workspace. Firstly, it can impact the overall look and feel of your office environment. There’s no doubt that high quality, stylish furniture not only makes your office look more professional, but it also makes it more inviting. This can be really helpful when it comes to welcoming clients into your office space.

Secondly, furniture that is high quality can also help with employee productivity. Furniture that is of low quality, and also uncomfortable, can easily lead to lower levels of productivity.

Lastly, furniture can also play an important role in the safety of your employees. If chairs are old and non-functional, or desks are too high, they can lead to potential injuries. This is why it’s important to choose your office furniture carefully.

How does office furniture affect productivity?

When it comes to offices, it’s no secret that first impressions really matter. The way that your office is both set up & furnished tells employees, customers, and clients a lot about your business.

It’s also well known that creating a well-designed and functional workspace is essential when it comes to maintaining a motivated and productive working environment.

Visual cues are important in any working environment, but they can be especially important when it comes to an office setting. A good example of this is having a large open space that has a lot of seating options. Having something like this makes it far more likely that employees will gather to brainstorm ideas, and discuss projects.

Of course, comfort is also key when it comes to productivity. If your employees are constantly shifting in their seats or struggling to find a comfortable position, they’re not going to be as focused or motivated as they could be. Ergonomic furniture can help alleviate these issues by providing support and promoting good posture.

What makes an office comfortable to work in?

Lighting is an important factor when it comes to office spaces. If an office is too bright or too dark, it can be uncomfortable for employees, so it’s important to find a good balance here.

The layout of an office is another important comfort factor. If an office happens to be cramped and cluttered, it can be very difficult to more around, be productive, and find a comfortable working position. This is why it’s crucial to find the right balance when it comes to furniture size.



“Chris Arkley and his team from Rakkaus Furniture have been an absolute delight to deal with. They delivered beyond expectation and I would highly recommend their products and great service.”

Patrick Robbertze, Centre director, The Centre Livingston

“Lovely products and great service. Would highly recommend for any commercial projects.”

Kassie Stephens, Director, Kabe Design, Glasgow

“Chris and his team recently installed new desks and meeting room furniture for our office. The quotation was very competitive, it was a timely delivery and the quality is really impressive. The install team were really efficient and left everywhere neat and tidy. I would have no hesitation in recommending Rakkaus for any furniture requirements.”

Lynnette Thomson, Director, Commwire, East Kilbride

“It was a great experience working with Rakkaus! We needed a full refurb of our office and meeting room spaces including desks, storage spaces and breakout areas. Rakkaus designed and fitted high quality furniture that fits perfectly with our office space, all along with great customer service!”

Malachy Ryan, Managing Director, Alan White Design Ltd Kilmarnock

“Great service from start to finish and a very good quality of product. We are hoping to continue with our office upgrade and would have no hesitation contact Chris at Rakkaus.”

Carolyn Moir-grant, Managing Director, All Staff Recruitment, Glasgow & Paisley

“We were delighted with the service and the high-quality furniture that we received. Chris and the team were a pleasure to deal with.”

Martin Murray, Owner & Distiller, Dunnet Bay Distillers, Thurso

“We recently used Rakkaus when we moved into our new Glasgow office, and were highly delighted with both the quality of the furniture and the personal service provided by Chris and his team - nothing was too much bother.”

John Cartwright, Technical Director, Thomson Gray, Glasgow

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