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An ergonomic sit/stand desk stored in a small cabinet in the colour of your interior! That’s HomeFit©.

With a width of only 105 cm and a depth of 30 cm, HomeFit© is no bigger than a shoe cabinet or a large suitcase.

The transformation from an anonymous cabinet into a fully functional workstation can be done quickly and easily by opening the doors and folding up the worktop. The worktop also contains the controls for height adjustment. The handy storage tray in the cabinet provides space for work related materials such as a laptop, mouse, binder or work folder.

At home, as in the office, it is important to work in alternating sitting and standing positions. This is often not possible at the kitchen table. HomeFit© is the professional workstation for the home; fully electrically adjustable in height from 68-118 cm so that you can work at the correct height both sitting down and standing up.


PEFC™ 18 mm MFC with LaserTec edge finish. High-grade calibrated steel


White or Oak


Fully assembled


Desk top: 950mm x 500mm. Cabinet size: 680mm tall x 1050mm wide x 300mm deep. Adjustable height between: 680mm - 1180mm

Key Features: 

sit/stand desk, adjustable in height between 68 and 118 cm frame

the frame and height adjustment is made of black metal

aluminium handle

doors fitted with castors for easy opening and stability when opened

convenient metal storage tray for laptop and other accessories

HomeFit© is delivered fully assembled

HomeFit© is delivered in a cardboard box




The innovative design of the Home Fit Desk makes it the ideal choice for those who have a) limited free wiggle room in their workspace at home and

b) want to inject some variety into the way that they physically work.


If it is looking like you will be working from home for the near future, or even balancing it with some shifts in the office, now is the time to be investing in your working environment at home.


The Home Fit desk has a sleek design that fits neatly into your home – its transformative design allows you to tuck it away as a compact cabinet and swiftly open it out to form your desk for the day. This is great for a tighter space that a standard desk would not fit.


To break up your day, you can easily adjust the height and stature of the desk for you to sit at or stand up, moving in between the two at regular intervals. Without that morning and evening commute into work, you might be missing out on getting your usual daily step count. You can, gradually over time, make this up by burning calories as you stand at the Home Fit Desk at certain points in your day.


When you pack away the desk into its hidden cabinet at night, you can go about your evening with the knowledge that you did something proactive for your wellbeing that day. You’ll be surprised at how much better you feel when you haven’t been stuck in a chair for hours on end. Breaking up the monotony, you will feel more productive and boosted whilst you stand at your Home Fit desk.


For the modern worker during these unprecedented times, moving into a new normal requires investing in yourself and your daily routine. Physically hiding the desk away at the end of your shift is a great way of drawing the line between work and play, when you’re doing both in the same setting.


The Home Fit Desk, available at Rakkaus Furniture, is the perfect addition to your work-life balance.


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