Ergonomic Office Furniture Explained

What is Ergonomic Office Furniture?

Office furniture is designed to promote both comfort and productivity in the workplace. Ergonomic office furniture aims to take this one step further by being specifically designed to reduce strain on the body and prevent injuries. There are several common features of ergonomic office furniture including adjustable height settings, lumbar support, headrests, and armrests. By making small adjustments to the way office space   is utilised, ergonomic office furniture can help to create a more comfortable and enjoyable work environment. In addition, office workers who have ergonomic office furniture in their place of work are much less likely to experience musculoskeletal disorders such as carpal tunnel syndrome, which can prevent workers from carrying out their work. As a result, ergonomic office furniture is a great investment that can pay off in both the short and long term.

Why Ergonomic Office Furniture is Necessary

Office workers spend the majority of their work day sitting at a desk in an office space, so it is very important to have office furniture that is relaxing and ergonomic. Office chairs should provide support for the lower back and allow the feet to rest flat on the floor. The keyboard and mouse peripherals should be positioned in a way so that the wrists are in a neutral position. And computer monitors and laptops should be at eye level to reduce neck strain. Armrests on office chairs provide the necessary arm and wrist support ensuring that workers do not cause unnecessary strain on themselves. By making use of ergonomic office furniture, workers can relax and stay comfortable throughout the day, which can boost team morale and work productivity.

We hope you can see how much of a smart investment ergonomic office furniture can be for your work environment. For all things office furniture, you’re already in the right place here at Rakkaus Furniture!




“Chris Arkley and his team from Rakkaus Furniture have been an absolute delight to deal with. They delivered beyond expectation and I would highly recommend their products and great service.”

Patrick Robbertze, Centre director, The Centre Livingston

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Kassie Stephens, Director, Kabe Design, Glasgow

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Lynnette Thomson, Director, Commwire, East Kilbride

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Malachy Ryan, Managing Director, Alan White Design Ltd Kilmarnock

“Great service from start to finish and a very good quality of product. We are hoping to continue with our office upgrade and would have no hesitation contact Chris at Rakkaus.”

Carolyn Moir-grant, Managing Director, All Staff Recruitment, Glasgow & Paisley

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Martin Murray, Owner & Distiller, Dunnet Bay Distillers, Thurso

“We recently used Rakkaus when we moved into our new Glasgow office, and were highly delighted with both the quality of the furniture and the personal service provided by Chris and his team - nothing was too much bother.”

John Cartwright, Technical Director, Thomson Gray, Glasgow

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