Kardo monitor arm

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The Kardo fixed pole monitor arm is popular worldwide due to its appealing aesthetic and easy install design features.

For productive in-person working, it is vital that the physical and mental wellbeing of your employees is at the core of your working environment. 

One key way to address avoidable issues like headaches and backaches is through the use of specialist equipment that will prevent these from occurring. The Kardo pole mounted monitor arm is a direct solution. 

By investing in the Kardo monitor arm, you can adjust and tailor the screen angle and height to the needs of every employee. You can see a potential difference in their wellbeing and productivity when they are accessing their laptops and other monitors in a way that is less gruelling for their posture and vision. 

The Kardo monitor arm remains the global industry benchmark for excellence in design and function that many manufacturers have attempted to recreate. In its customisable black, silver or white design, and single or double monitor mounting capabilities, the Kardo is a smart choice to incorporate into the modern day office. 

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self assembly

Key Features: 

Quick release 75mm/100mm VESA mounting plates as

standard with hand-turn fixing screws

Quick release arm height adjustment

Includes pre-assembled hand-turn desk edge clamp and

hand-turn through-desk clamp

Complete cable management

Integrated flower holder in the pole

Low profile mini clamp option (KMC1827)

Available in black, white or silver



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